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From deposition to verdict, we provide the tools to help you win.

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Our Mission

To partner with our litigator clients, providing them with the highest quality trial support. From video depositions to courtroom staging, our entire business is geared at freeing our clients to focus on the practice of law, and providing the tools to help them win.

As your litigation support provider, you can be assured that Video Discovery, Inc. stands alone in it's sophisticated technology, superior quality and professional, reliable personnel. Trained to master several proprietary softwares, our staff will produce the powerful video and visual images upon which you and your staff depend.

Having over 50 years of combined knowledge, Video Discovery, Inc. understands the rules, personnel and logistics of the courthouse. We operate efficiently, professionally and courteously in the places where you do business.

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Areas of Service

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    Legal Videography

    Our legal videography services encompass a wide range, from video depositions to Day in the Life documentaries, site documentaries, settlement presentations, and meticulous video editing.

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    Courtroom Support

    Our comprehensive courtroom support encompasses the preparation of your case, mock juries, trial presentation services, playbacks, and provision of necessary equipment.

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    Demonstrative Evidence

    Let us create your visual aids, such as charts, diagrams, or physical objects, presented to help explain or illustrate testimony and assist the trier of fact in understanding complex information.

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Trustworthy and Dependable

Gain valuable insights into the quality of our services as our clients share their firsthand opinions and experiences, while Attorney Mike Reidy elaborates on the significance of using multimedia depositions to effectively present medical evidence alongside a doctor's testimonial, emphasizing why he never proceeds to trial without VDI.

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