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  • laptop
    Think Zoom is the new and better way to conduct video depositions in the post Covid-19 workplace? Consider some of the following realities from a videographer’s standpoint.
    Upon the onset of the mandated Covid-19 quarantine that swept our nation this past spring, society immediately turned to technology to reconnect us with our places of business, family, and friends. With several teleconferencing...
  • Day in the Life Videographer
    For nearly 35 years, I’ve used video to capture life experiences and produce them as “Day in the Life” documentaries, performing my duties with the compassion and moral honesty that is both critical and mandatory to my role. It is a humbling honor to enter a home that has been drastically changed for the worse and then be trusted to tell its story. I understand the expectation to...
  • definition of impeach
    As a trial technician, I'm approached by counsel nearly every trial to assist with the impeaching of a witness on the stand using their video deposition testimony. While it sounds like an unbeatable and convincing method of delivering the complete story to the jury, I typically advise counsel both on the benefits and the risks of video versus regular transcript impeachment.
    It's a crossroads moment...
  • 3D brain object created from actual film studies
    3D Volume Rendering is a term used in visualization and computer graphics to define the process of taking the multiplane (X,Y and Z planes respectively) information from a complex scan and creating a 3D representation of the files. This technique is widely used in education, prosthetics, and as a medical diagnostic tool - but does it have a place in litigation?
    How It’s Used
    In our experience,...