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It takes only a glance to recognize the vast difference between the quality of Video Discovery Inc.'s depositions and those of our competitors.

The video deposition is one of the most important pieces of evidence submitted for a jury’s review. Just like there are different caliber litigators, there are varying levels of competency when it comes to capturing a deposition.  Lighting, camera quality, and the ability to integrate exhibits are just a few of the elements that are crucial to maximizing the effectiveness of your questioning.

Most importantly, a properly lit and shot deposition doesn’t cost any more than a poorly shot one.



Video Discovery, Inc.

Our staff has been extensively trained and battle tested in executing effective depositions.   All of our depositions are captured with digital broadcast cameras with the audio captured via several lavaliere microphones.  Carefully monitored by our technicians, the witness’ video environment is controlled via our external lighting and portable backdrops.  Our depositions are shot with on-screen time and date and, if need be, can be filed with the court along with the required objection index. Copies can be converted virtually any format you require, and into popular video synching software such as DepoView™.   At trial, we can play the depositions on a large screen via our high-resolution projectors.

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We trust the innovative software DepoView™ for our Video Synching.  This easy to use software allows litigators to view the video portion of the deposition side by side with a synchronized transcript.  This allows attorneys to not only review the deposition, but to take note of the deponents’ demeanor and body language.  The deposition is word and page searchable and attorneys can make video clips which can be utilized in courtroom programs such as Power Point™.  DepoView™ also allows for smooth integration of the synched deposition into trial software such as Trial Director ™,  Live Note™ or Summation™.

Multimedia Depositions

In addition to the standard one-camera deposition, we offer two-camera depositions.  We are also a pioneer in utilizing Trial Director™ to allow videotaped witnesses to simultaneously interact with exhibits created in a Trial Director database – all at full resolution captured directly to tape.  And with the latest introduction of Apple’s iPad into the courtroom, Video Discovery, Inc.  can now also integrate the iPad and it’s beneficial interactive apps into your deposition.

How Our Multimedia Deposition Works: