Trial Presentation

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Prior to trial we run through the entire staging with our client.  On day one at court, you will find that the trial support specialist you’ve come to know and rely on is waiting there, set-up and ready to go with all the expected equipment needed -- including redundant items so there are no surprises.  This includes cloned databases on dual laptops.

Our team has years of experience in several courts.  We make it our mandate to know the layouts, ground rules and key personnel in advance of your trial, so you can focus on litigating and leave the rest to us.  We pride ourselves on being versatile in the courtroom, ready at a moment’s notice to work on the fly with powerful tools.

Our sole purpose is to free you of the worries associated with technological presentations, and provide you with the tools and production pieces that help you win your case. And, if you are in one of this region's more modern, fully-stocked tech courtrooms, we can make sure you maximize those tools to help your case presentation.